O, the expense

Two tickets to Alaska – departing Monday, August 6th from DC, leaving Anchorage on Friday, August 17th, sitting in row 22, seats E and F for 3 out of the four flights.  (I like to choose exactly the same seat for my flights on a trip.  It eliminates a detail to remember.  No need to look at your boarding pass.  Just go to 22F.  It’s very comforting.  It’s a handy technique.  You should try it sometime.  I am particularly partial to 22F.  I think I’ve had it before.)  We could have had row 22 for our first flight too but Nik wisely decided that we should be closer to the front of the plane because we only have a 40-minute layover in Seattle.  So we had to settle for 10E and F for that flight.

Cost:  $20 and 40,000 frequent flyer miles – for two people!!!!!

So Alaska, here we come!!  (And, by the way, we got my ticket in my new name! 🙂 Very cool!)

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1 Response to O, the expense

  1. nutmeggmama says:

    YAY! Do you two think you two will stay here or get your own place?Let us know if you figure it out. Maybe we can hook you up with some housesitting? 😉

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