Haikus for our Saturday morning

Written by members of Ms. J’s low intermediate writing class (and yes, one sixth grade boy is a little girl-crazy).
Topic:  What we are going do this weekend.  (Some did better than others with following the directions.)

My cousin is cute.
She went to the mall for good.
And she came back home.

I’ll go to the mall.
I’ll go shopping for a shirt.
And I will go home.

I will play outside
It is my brother’s birthday.
I will kiss my girl.

I’m going to play
ball with my friendly friends.
I’m going to eat.

Is Ms. J the best?

My answer will be “Heck, yes!”

Do you think she is?

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6 Responses to Haikus for our Saturday morning

  1. judgie86 says:

    umm, that last one is amazing!! Haha, do i know the kid that wrote that?? That is awesome!! Hey, any word of the reefs?

  2. there’s a new video of Addie on my blog! check it out!

  3. Heck yes she is!Oh, and I have read parts of On Marriage and Family Life by John Chrysostom. Most of the stuff he writes about is really good, and I would imagine you can find it for cheap on Amazon. His book On Poverty is fantastic as well.I hope everything is going well with the wedding!

  4. (that last comment was from Chris, not katie. he was signed in as me on accident.)

  5. brodybond says:

    Is the girl-crazy one the one who wrote the last comment??-Brody

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