For Nana (and whoever else is interested)

Hi Mom!  Hi Nana! (From Selah and Noah)

Here’s a few pictures to illustrate what we were discussing tonight on the phone.  First, here’s a picture of my really impressive bruise on my left arm that I got from falling on my stairs Thursday morning.  It actually looks pretty good now compared to a couple days ago when it was even turquoise.

(These words are from Noah.)  This picture is showing the front of the Bionicle.  And the first thing that I want to say is that there is a little spiral on the telescoping eye and you’ll see two swords, one going up and one going down.  The feet look like the bad guy feet that Michael and Tyler have.

(These words are from Selah.)  My Barbie can spin.  Her skirt can spin.  And from Selah, for Nana.

And here’s a couple pictures of the beautiful veil that Selah made for me, out of a kitchen trash bag.  What do you think?


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1 Response to For Nana (and whoever else is interested)

  1. nanacilla says:

    Thank you, Noah, Selah, and Aunt Laura for your picture taking efforts last night.  I LOVE YOU TOO!!!

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