So close…

I almost made it out of Maryland today but my flight was so badly delayed (3 hours) out of Baltimore that if I’d flown to Phoenix, I would have missed my connection into Anchorage.  And there isn’t another Anchorage flight until tomorrow night.  So rather than spend 24 hours in the Phoenix airport, they just re-booked me onto tomorrow’s flight out of Baltimore and I won’t be getting into Anchorage until late, late Christmas Eve (12:30 am, Christmas Day).  I actually surprised myself by how sad I felt about not being able to get up to AK today, to be with my family on Christmas Eve.  Nik came back to the airport to pick me up and he, being wise to my needs, took me to see Kristen and Tim.  So we ended spending the evening with them.  They are, in Nik’s words, the closest to family that I have in Maryland and Nik told me that he wasn’t driving me to Lisa’s in NY!  So their companionship, along with being with Nik, helped console me a little bit.  On the plus side, this will be the first time that I’ve ever been to Christmas Sunday at Faith so that will be nice.

At any rate, I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and to the Judges in Alaska, I’ll get there eventually!!

Rejoice for Christ our Savior is born!

(And for fun, here’s a picture of some Christmas lights on 34th St. in Hampden – the most ridiculously overboard but awesome display of Christmas lights that I’ve ever seen.)

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  1. jjandlj says:

    Merry Christmas Laura! Christmas here does not end on the 25th…we have more Christmas dinners ahead of us! We’re glad that you made it safely to Alaska and pray you’re all enjoying the time together. We love you much and miss you!

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