Uncle Ken

On the night that I left Alaska, our Uncle Ken and Aunt Sharon came over to visit.  Ken is not our real uncle but he and my dad have been very good friends for a long time.  Uncle Ken always teased us to no end!  Anyway, here’s a few fun pictures from that evening:
Reading to Jonas with our protector dragon at our side before he rides off to save the world on his trusty steed:

Some of the wonderful food of the evening:  rhubarb crisp that I
made (with Ken’s rhubarb), black currant jam from Ken, and yummy bread
from Meggan.  Meggan also made fabulous halibut wrapped in prosciutto, which we sadly have no pictures of.

A little bit of family love (one sweet, one more vampire-esque)

And Uncle Ken himself:

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2 Responses to Uncle Ken

  1. nutmeggmama says:

    ya know, you just want to have photos of the turquoise shirt all over.i get it now.

  2. babyhong says:

    Great family pics!

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