Earthquakes…you’re not in Baltimore anymore! (and babies!)

This morning, around 5:15, I partially woke up enough to feel an earthquake shaking the house.  Meggan came down a few minutes later to use the computer and find out how big it was and so I woke up enough to realize that I actually had just felt an earthquake!  I think that’s only the 2nd earthquake that I really remember being aware of feeling and it’s definitely the only time that an earthquake that has woken me up.  The details…4.9, which isn’t that big but the epicenter was only about 4 miles from Anchorage so we really felt it.   As Leah so rightly pointed out, earthquakes are a good reminder that even the things which we perceive to be the most stable in our lives, really aren’t!

And in other fun news,  Katie’s water has broken!!  So soon little Adella will be joining the our clan!!  Hip Hip Hooray!

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1 Response to Earthquakes…you’re not in Baltimore anymore! (and babies!)

  1. jameysmommy says:

    Has the baby arrived yet?  Jamey was to be an Adella if he turned out to be a girl.  What a great name!

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