Back in Anchorage – and exhausted!

Hi all!  I’m back in Anchorage after three days of dip netting and camping with Eric, Meggan, the kids, Jon, and Leah from which I flew directly to camp to counsel for a week.  (Go to Meggan and Leah’s blogs for pictures and descriptions – I’m too tired to write about dipnetting – but it was a blast.) So I just got back yesterday, having stayed up until 3:00 am the night before copying the newspaper for camp – which I edited (a job I did not ask for but that’s OK – it was fun other than the 3:00 am copying).  I got back into town at 3:00 – my first flight at 9:00 was cancelled, my 11:00 plane didn’t get back from Dillingham until 12:15 and then the plane wouldn’t start when we were attempting to take off.  So our real flight didn’t leave until 2:00.  Does that sound like camp or what?  However, I did get to fly in a Navajo, which is a nice and fast plane so that made the very bumpy flight shorter at least.   When I got here, my friend Nik from church in Baltimore was here, along with 4 of his friends.  (They’re touring AK for two weeks.)  Eric, Meggan, and Rachel were kind and gracious to pick them up at the airport late Sunday night, give them a place to stay, and feed them breakfast.  So they hung around town until I got here and then we all went out to eat at the Bear Tooth.   They left at 6:30 (to drive to Seward – we’ll see them again on Saturday on their way back through Anchorage) and I went to have a pedicure done with my dear friends Jess and Erin.  It was actually the perfect thing to do after camp because my feet were TRASHED from all the dirt and running around that we did at camp.  I did manage to come down with a killer sore throat so although I promised Meggan a day of servant hood as thanks I just laid around on the couch all day.  Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be feeling better – Meggan says I’d better be since now I owe her two days!   That’s enough rambling for now.  Maybe I’ll post more later.  For now, I’m enjoying not being perky, enthusastic, and excited about everything!

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