Wanted: A man who needs a wife who:

1.  Can clean rotten wood and dirt (and who knows what else) out
of a 1920’s septic tank, without falling in or throwing up (using a
post hole digger, a garden rake, and a shovel).

  Is willing to use an outhouse and not take a shower for 3 1/2
days (81 hours but who’s counting?) while the very same septic tank is

Can demolish 563 feet of old wood pole and barbed wire fences,
using only a wire cutter, a steel claw hammer, a sledge hammer, and a
heavy metal chain (a chain, that is, which is attached to a backhoe
driven by someone taller than her who can actually hold the clutch in
without standing on it).

4.  Is willing to work until it gets dark (even if that’s 10:00) so that the work gets done.

5.  Can use a 1950s era wringer washer and then hang the wash out
on the line and think it’s fun! (but it would be pushing it to expect
the “think it’s fun” during the winter).

6.  Wears the same clothes four days in a row because “why get
more clothes dirty than you need to?”  (But let me tell you, does
she clean up nicely!)

Likes being called “sweetheart” and “little lady” by all the old ranchers.

  Loves mountains, broad valleys, big skies, and sunshine.

9.  Can cook and clean with the best of them after a hard day of work

10.  And if the ranch fails, can go back to work teaching to support the family

Ranchers may perhaps want to apply ASAP as this person will certainly
be snatched up quickly.  Urban men may apply as well, with the
condition that the marriage involve trips to the West where the
aforementioned skills may periodically be put into practice.


What I did for 6 days in Montana with Dad!  (Pictures to come in a few weeks to prove all my claims, once I get them from Dad!)

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1 Response to Wanted: A man who needs a wife who:

  1. nutmeggmama says:

    that was extremely entertaining.now, really…what did you do in montana?;)

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