Hey everybody!!  If you have high speed Internet, like DSL, then go here:

It’s a very cool website that allows you to create your own music
stations based on the kind of artists you want to listen to.  AND
for example, I put in “Alison Krauss” and I’ve been listening to music
by her, Dolly Parton, and other bluegrass artists.  They say they
have over 400,000 songs by 20,000 artists.  You can’t control what
songs you get but it’s a great way to listen to music!!  You don’t
even have to create an account to listen but if you do create an
account, then you can create multiple stations and save them to listen
to later.   It’s super easy to use.  I was listening to
music within a couple minutes of going to the site.

The people who run it sound pretty cool.  They’re doing something called the Music Genome Project and are constantly analyzing thousands of songs to add to it.

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