My garden

Here’s some pictures of our garden:

I had a lettuce, basil, thyme, orgegano, and rosemary salad tonight
(all from my back porch) along with tomatoes and fresh peas from the
farmer’s market.  Yummy!

This is the fire escape garden (note my yellow squash plant and our two
tomatoes!)  We relegated the not-so-nice pots to the fire escape!:

Here’s the middle of our back porch porch with most of our flowers,
including my really big cherry tomato plant.  (Recognize the iron
doll’s bench, Mom? ):

Here’s some more from different views of our porch (including our neighbors and their fuchsia):

You may not have been counting but yes, I have five basil plants.  I intend on making a lot of pesto this summer!

And here’s my beautiful watering can that I got this spring.  It
carries a lot of water and reduces the number of trips to the kitchen
sink!  It’s also fun to have and use.

Urban gardening is possible!

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2 Responses to My garden

  1. jameysmommy says:

    Your salad sounds yummy!  Too bad we don’t live closer…or we would invite ourselves to dinner!

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