Here’s a few pictures from graduation!

Here’s my friend Sahayini and I.  I’m wearing a
salwar khameez that Anu gave me before she moved back to India in December ().
I decided to wear it because it’s beautiful but also because I wanted to
honor Anu, who did so much to get me through grad school!

Here I am before the procession (and before the rain!)

Here I am processing in!

Now here we are afterwards, having finally been allowed to come inside
out of the rain, looking a little wet and bedraggled.  I’m with my
friend Paulette who also came for part of my ceremony.

Here I am with my “diploma” (and my hood on)!  I just gave the cover back since I got my real one in September!

This is my program director and favorite professor, Christa.  (Note how we look a little soaked…)

It was a fun morning, in spite of (or perhaps a little bit because) all
of the rain!  Last night, I drove by my campus and I felt like I
was really finished there, even if I have been technically finished
there since August.  So it’s nice to have that sense of
completion.  Christa asked me when I was going to apply to the PhD
program.  I didn’t give a good reply!

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