It’s Official!

I’m graduated!    My
friends Sahayini, Paulette, and I went to the ceremony this morning,
listened to Bob Schieffer (of the CBS Evening News) speak, and then
while he was speaking, the heavens opened!  So we stuck it out for
a few minutes but got totally soaked.  So they moved us indoors
they just read my name as I walked across the stage and got my
“diploma” – I really got it last September!  It actually worked
out pretty well that it rained because we didn’t have to sit through
about 300 undergraduate names before they got to the master’s
degrees.  I was number 479!  I  had a fun
time.  I saw lots of people I knew and especially got to reconnect
with the director of my program (who was also far and away my favorite
professor).  We took lots of pictures but I don’t have the cable
to download them.  So I’ll return the camera to Julie and she’ll
help me download them.  Then I’ll put them here!

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2 Responses to It’s Official!

  1. chunkychen says:

    congrats Laura 😀 !!btw, if you ever have time, there’s a pretty neat guy who I met who has a keen interest in improving the quality of inner city schools. He’s written a vision statement for the what his vision is for addressing the issue in a Christ centered way and I’ve placed it up on my web site- thought you might be interested in seeing it!

  2. leahrachelle says:

    Congratulations Laura! You smart girl you. We’re excited to see photos!

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