On A Happier Note

On Sunday night, I went to a rather unconventional wedding shower for a
friend of mine – I know her through Kristen.  She didn’t want to
have a conventional shower so instead, her friend decided to have us go
to see roller derby.  In case you haven’t heard of it (which you
probably haven’t if you’re under 35-40), roller derby is done on roller
skates, in a rink, and there is a lot of pushing, shoving, and racing
going on.  Pretty fascinating!  An entire new sub-culture in
Baltimore that we didn’t even know about!  There were a lot of
crazy costumes and piercings going on.  In Baltimore, the league
is called the Charm City Roller Girls.  They were featured on NPR not too long ago – I would highly recommend listening.
It’s pretty hilarious!  The skaters have names like “Mercy-less”
and “Ivana E. Charbrains.”  So here’s some pictures from the event:

The bride with her helmet:

We all had temporary tattoos – Julie’s said, “Kyle” – all ours said “Joolio”

In the interest of respecting other people (and not putting their faces
out to the world without permission), I had to crop the following
picture into two so you could see me and my tattoo.  So just
imagine that my elbow is up where it should be  The original
picture is very cute with all of us and our tattoos.  I’ll e-mail
it to you if you so request!

A very interesting evening!  Not an experience likely to be repeated any time soon!

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1 Response to On A Happier Note

  1. kerrilane111 says:

    hahaha… looks like lots of fun!  and a very unconventional shower.

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