Some family comments from my students

This is from L – she’s in 6th grade and is from Honduras.  She
wrote these sentences the day that Mom came to my class and answered
questions from my students.  (These are her exact words and
spelling and numbering.)

Ms j and mothe talke.

The mother have 55 years.

The Ms J have 29 years.

  The brother have 28 years.
6. The sister have 20 years.
7. Ms Je is hair blond.
8.  The mothe go to the eschoo 1969
years      (Editorial comment from me – that
is a LONG time to go to school!!)
9. Ms. J is beauteful Teacher

And this from K (from
Uzbekistan) on what she thought Mom and I did last weekend.  (We
are practicing the past tense and places in our community!)

They went to the park, and talkd abayt whow lond times they dosen’t
see.  After this they went at the restaraunt and they eat food.
(May by like in Mrs. J country)

(Editorial comment from me – my kids come from other countries and eat
different food so obviously, Mom came from another country and probably
ate different food too!)

And this spoken conversation
between myself and two of my 8th grade
girls in homeroom – R (from Haiti) and M (from Vietnam) – while
looking at a picture of all of us taken at Rachel’s graduation:

Girls:  Those are your brothers?


They are HOT!!!!!

  Yes but they are all married.

  Oh man!  I wish they weren’t married!

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4 Responses to Some family comments from my students

  1. leahrachelle says:

    Jon laughed a lot when he read the comments…he knows he’s HOT. But I think he’s glad that he’s married ;o)

  2. nutmeggmama says:

    Ms Judge IS SOOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!i want some different food.

  3. kerrilane111 says:

    You is hair blond, huh?    Very cute!  And I’m glad to see you in the Xanga world!

  4. nutmeggmama says:

    well, my secret life is none of your business, you know. the whole born in ma or la or whatever…i just cut and pasted twice, and i didnt even know it…:)im so excited, your coming, erins coming, everyones coming!

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