Our Adventures so Far

Hey everyone!  Mom and I are having a good time, other than the
fact that I got laryngitis and really couldn’t talk at all yesterday –
above a whisper.  So it’s made for some interesting conversations!

On Thursday, I had to work so Mom stayed home, slept off her flight and
tried to keep from being too bored.  That night, we went to the church to
practice our song that we’re singing tomorrow (should my voice recover
enough) and then to Sacred Harp shape note singing.  This is
something that I started doing in January.  It’s very cool and
hard to explain so go to the site if you’re interested and I’ll try to
blog about it some other time.

Yesterday, we drove to the Eastern Shore but we stayed on the
Chesapeake Bay side and didn’t go to the Atlantic.  (So no fries
Meggan!)  We went to St. Michaels and Oxford and even took a
little tiny ferry – the ride’s about 7 minutes long.  It was a fun
day of shopping in antique stores and being together.  And, on my
part, whispering.  Mom said that she was used to me initiating the
conversation so we often had some long pauses.  I think it was
good practice for both of us, me to listen more and her to talk more!

Today, we went to the Farmer’s Market, the Book Thing where we got 33
books (FOR FREE!!!!!!!!!), and to Mt. Vernon, where we climbed
228 steps to the top of the Washington Monument.  Our legs were
really shaky by the time we got to the top but the view was worth it!

This afternoon we went duckpin bowling with Kristen.  Or at least
we wanted to but all the lanes were full with birthday parties.
So we watched a bunch of little kids having the time of their
lives.  Duckpin bowling is bowling downsized – everything is
smaller, and in my opinion, much more fun!

So we’re home, and tired, and ready to watch a movie!  (Since I can’t really talk.)

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2 Responses to Our Adventures so Far

  1. leahrachelle says:

    That so stinks that you got laryngitis! I’m glad that you’re having a good time anyway. ;o) I hope you feel better soon!

  2. leahrachelle says:

    LOL…Jon’s happy that you are impressed that he’s a good cook ;o)

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