A New Thanksgiving Tradition

We certainly have some Thanksgiving traditions in our family.  I always make these pumpkin orange rolls, of course we eat cranbrosia, and we (for three years running now) braise our turkey for the most incredibly delicious and moist turkey you’ve ever had.

So the food, for me, is the easy part about hosting Thanksgiving.  What I haven’t managed to figure out is decorating.  Our table is large and I don’t have a table cloth to fit. (I do feel compelled to confess that I do have the fabric to make one and it’s been two Thanksgiving now where I haven’t managed to make it!) Just before Thanksgiving this year, I heard/read an idea to use brown paper to cover your holiday table and I thought, “This I can do! I have a enormous roll of brown paper!”

So I “wrapped” our table with brown paper, added some folded fabric for a faux-runner (yet another project on my “will it ever get made?” sewing list), pumpkins, and apples, and ta da!  A decorated table!

004 (533x800) 006 (800x533)

What I didn’t anticipate was all the fun we had drawing on the table after the meal was over!  It was a great way to help Ellie and Mark sit with us a bit longer and the adults had fun too!

007 (800x533) (3)In the picture of us above, note the “Pilgrim boats” place cards on the plates, which Ellie and Yiaya made.  Our friend, Lisa, arranged them on this little map! 🙂

011 (800x533) (3)Mark’s contribution

010 (800x533) (2)Ellie is really into filling up space right now!

009 (800x533) (3) 008 (800x533) (2)I love these moose! Particularly the one too full to stand up!! Thanks Lisa!

Also unexpected was how easy it was to clean up the table – just roll up and recycle!  It feels odd to say this because we avoid almost all paper products in our household but this may just be one thing that becomes part of our Thanksgiving from here on out! 🙂 (And would let me shirk my tablecloth sewing for a few more years.)

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