An outline is all you’re going to get tonight

I.  Feeling much better.
a.  antibiotics are wonderful.
b.  only have a stuffy nose left

II. Monday night – cut my thumb really badly.
a.  it is possible to cut through both your nail and nail bed without really feeling it.
b.  pain does come later.
c.  I’m EXTREMELY thankful I have insurance.
d.  it’s healing OK.
e.  I can’t get the steristrip on my thumb wet until Saturday
f.  good thing Nik is good at doing the dishes
g.  I’m going to the hand specialist on Monday to make sure things are healing OK.

III.  Went back to school yesterday after a week off.
a.  now I know how babies are feeling when we say that they are “overstimulated”
b. I got used to my quiet, think about one thing at a time house and life
c.  I LOVE MY STUDENT TEACHER.  I would be frantic right now without her.

IV.  I just made orange marmalade.
a.  it’s really orange, without food coloring
b.  all the jars sealed eventually!
c.  it’s a lot of work.
d. now, what am I going to doing with 7 half-pints of marmalade?
e.  I feel like Suzie Homemaker

over and out.
Roger that!

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2 Responses to An outline is all you’re going to get tonight

  1. nanacilla says:

    OH MY!!!  Glad we talked tonight.

  2. Hey … this looks familiar … like my Hebrews outline I wrote last week! Except absolutely more fun to read.You can always send that marmalade our way, you know. 

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