He’s NINE! (in Leap Years, that is)

Although I long ago gave up trying to wish all my family (30+ at this point) happy birthday on my blog, it seems this has been an auspicious 3 days in our family.  On Saturday, my sister turned 30 and today, my brother turns NINE!

DSC_0204 (640x426)He’s a mature-looking nine, isn’t he? 🙂

Actually, he turns 36 today but because he was born on Leap Year, this is only his ninth official birthday. It seems only fair for him to get a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY wish when he actually gets to celebrate on his birthday.

Sadly, we haven’t seen Jon and his family since our family reunion in Montana in 2013.  So here’s a series of pictures, celebrating my amazing “little” brother, Jon, in Montana!

montana 348 (640x427)so studly, he carries 2 backpacks while hiking to a super high mountain lake!

DSC_0342 (640x426)the master of the stare-down!

He is definitely a super-fun uncle!

montana 093 (640x427)

DSCN4831 (640x480)  DSC_0255 (640x428)

These two are of Jon with Marko.  I can hardly remember when he was that little!! 🙂DSC_0169 (428x640)DSC_0067 (428x640)

We love you so much Jon! Enjoy your birthday today!

P.S. In case you want more silly pictures of Jon, you can read all these other Leap Year posts that I wrote for him in 2012 – Leap Year #1, Leap Year #2, Leap Year #3, and Leap Year #4. I hope you all aren’t as disappointed in these Leap Year posts as this person was.

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1 Response to He’s NINE! (in Leap Years, that is)

  1. Mom says:

    Such fun posts you have put on for your sister and brother! Thank you for the smiles!

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