July Sewing: Cute Fabric, Boring Project

Now that we have two kids, we needed to have two car seat bags for checking the car seats.  I sewed one for Ellie’s new car seat in July, just before we left on our Alaska trip.  It was one of the rather more boring projects I’ve done in awhile but here, sometimes we have to sew the prosaic projects too, right?

alaska 694 (800x533)new one on left, old one on right; fabric: organic brushed cotton from a Pottery Barn king-sized duvet cover that I found at a PB outlet; originally over $100, I paid $12.  So this is probably the world’s fanciest car seat bag!  It feels lovely!

This one is of my own design, not having found a tutorial for exactly what I wanted.  I think I used this tutorial as a starting point but mine is lined for durability and constructed differently.  If anyone wants me too, I can write up a simple tutorial for how to make these.  They’re quite easy to sew but just require a lot of fabric.  Leave a comment and I’ll try to do it in the near future.

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2 Responses to July Sewing: Cute Fabric, Boring Project

  1. I actually would be interested. It seems so large and –shapeless that I think I might be able to sew it!

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