July Sewing: A Little Sundress for Ellie

Chalk one up in the “I didn’t obsess over this too much and so actually completed something quickly” category!  My friend, Kristen, mentioned to me that Oliver&S had a free, easy pattern for a sundress.  So I downloaded it, and sewed it for Ellie last week!

She didn’t want to have anything to do with modeling it for me today so I’ll have to be sneaky about getting a picture of her in it!  In the meantime, the chair was a good stand in.

021 (533x800)Kona solids in two different pinks, a thrifted blue and white IKEA duvet cover which has been made into many projects (including my Easter skirt and diaper pail bags!), and vintage rickrack and bias tape that was recently gifted to me! 🙂

To differentiate the front from the back (and to cover up the ends where the bias tape meets), I added this cute little bow.  It turned out exactly the way I’d hoped it would, which is very satisfying to my perfectionist soul!

022 (800x533)I didn’t have enough of either pink to cut the bias straps in one continuous length (as the pattern shows) so (as I always try to do), I tried to make the seams looks purposeful by using two different fabrics, short pieces of the lighter pink with longer pieces of the darker pink, for a pieced strap.  I also didn’t have the exact right shades of pink for the rickrack or the bias tape.  So I decided to embrace the “many shades of pink” theme and went with four shades of pink for one little dress.

023 (800x533)

 The pattern goes up to size 11 so maybe I’ll make one every summer for Ellie.  It was that quick, easy, and fun!

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7 Responses to July Sewing: A Little Sundress for Ellie

  1. Mom says:

    And very cute! I love that you have had another use for the duvet cover!

  2. Eliz.K says:

    I love Oliver + S! I just made the Sunny Day Shorts for my little guy and two small relatives (another free pattern). I also just cut out fabric for me from a Lisette pattern of Liesl’s that I’ve had for a while. I like everything she designs! The patterns are wonderful (and so are her fabrics!)

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