I Went To The Mountains*

We just returned on Sunday from a four-day vacation in the Shenandoah Mountains and it was lovely.  The weather was so cool, a blessed relief from the triple digit temperatures of the week before.  In true Nik and Laura vacation fashion, we didn’t manage to get pictures of all of the adults nor did we manage to take a family picture.  But here are a few to help you get a feel for our vacation.  We had the fun of vacationing with Nik’s mother, brother, sister-in-law, two nephews, and also some family friends from a very long time ago.  All told – eight adults and six kids, many of whom spoke Greek! 🙂

001 (533x800)enjoying the hammock in the “cabin” (an amazing place lent to us by a friend)

006 (533x800)a lovely view (to the west) as we hiked the Appalachian Trail (the AT for those in the know) or at least a mile of it!

008 (800x596)Mark and I hiking the AT (see how hard I’m working!  I’m packing a baby!)

015 (800x533)Ellie, Alex, Aunt Nikki, and Yiayia on the AT

026 (800x510)a real life thru-hiker, named “Sunshine”! (Seriously, that’s what he told us his name was.  I asked him because I said he should be wearing a shirt with his name on it so people could cheer for him as he passed them – like in a marathon.  So then we cheered “Go Sunshine!” and he hiked past, on his way to Harper’s Ferry for a friend’s wedding before he continued on to Maine.  By “we”, I really mean “I” because everyone else was quasi-pretending they didn’t know the crazy girl who likes to accost innocent hikers by asking them if they are thru-hikers and then striking up a conversation because “how cool!  a thru-hiker!  I’ve always wanted to meet one ever since I read a book about a guy who hiked the AT!” when really, please, just leave the man alone and let him hike. Sometimes, I surprise myself with my extroverted behavior!  Or perhaps I should admit to being just like my dad in this respect!)

028 (800x356)view to the east of Skyline Drive

031 (800x533)Ellie with her cousin, aunt, and honorary baby cousin

*And yes, Ryan, I chose this post title on purpose and yes, I know it’s an Indigo Girl song.  I’m not totally clueless when it comes to pop culture! 🙂  

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3 Responses to I Went To The Mountains*

  1. karynme says:

    Hi Laura!
    We’ve sure had fun with your mom. 🙂
    Here’s a link I thought you might enjoy. The family is currently thru-hiking the AT. I don’t read their blog regularly, but i enjoy checking in every once in a while.

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