June Sewing: A Quilted Tote (for me!)

After doing a bunch of sewing for other people and for our home, I decided that I was finally just going to sew something fun that I got to keep (even though my “must sew” list just keeps growing out of control).  I think my Easter 2013 skirt was the last time I sewed something for myself.  So it was about time!

I’ve had the “Perfect Quilted Totes” pattern from Oh Fransson for a few months and I’ve been looked forward to making it because I wanted to learn several of the techniques that she combines into one simple bag.  Although I made plenty of mistakes while learning how to make the bag, I had a lot of fun making it!

The outside of the bag is sewn using the “quilt as you go” technique (a new one for me).  It resulted in a really cool quilting pattern, which no one will ever see, except in this picture.

038 (800x533)the “two focal point side”

I choose to use the IKEA bug fabric (last seen in Ellie’s diaper bag) along with scraps of pink and green as my color scheme.  This resulted in a busier look than I was really aiming for and left me a bit disappointed in the overall look.  But a very kind friend saw it and reminded me that people pay lots of money for designer bags that look just like this so perhaps I should just embrace this one!

073 (800x533)side one, with one focal point (The middle green section, with four different fabrics, is a scrap leftover from making Noah’s guitar strap.  I knew I’d use it eventually!)

074 (800x533)side two, with two focal points

075 (800x533)the bottom

The inside has a pocket panel with a slip pocket and a zippered pocket above it.  Learning how to make that zippered pocket was one of the skills I wanted to take away from this project and it was surprisingly easy!

071 (800x533) 072 (800x533)

Thanks to quilt batting, duck cloth, and all that quilting (rather than interfacing), the bag is super strong and stands up on its own beautifully.  The straps ended up a bit short.  I should have tried them out before sewing them in.  Next time, I’ll add 2-3 inches.

090 (800x533)

And, to give you the scale of the bag, here’s my two crazy helpers holding it for me (with  the magnetic snap closed).

082 (800x534)

I’m planning to enter this one into the state fair at the end of the summer so it’s going into storage for now and won’t make its full debut into our life until September! 🙂

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8 Responses to June Sewing: A Quilted Tote (for me!)

  1. Mom says:

    Your kids are so funny, and having so much fun! I truly love your bag (possibly covet just a bit :)) I think the solid and darker colors nicely tone down the busyness of the other fabrics. I’m voting for a blue ribbon!

    • Laura says:

      Thanks Mom! There are a few flaws (like the overlaps by the zipper) which I really should have ripped out and redone if I wanted to really contend for a blue but by the time I got to that point, I was tired of it. The zipper did give me some fits. So I figured, well, hopefully they’ll like the outside! Last year, the bag section of the fair was pretty pitiful so I’m hoping!

  2. Beautiful Laura! I really like the featured bugs on the main part of the bag.

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