March/April Sewing: Seven (that’s right, 7!) Baby Blankets

As it turns out, when I told my mom I didn’t need to make any more baby blankets (back when I announced I’d figured out a new cutting trick for these things), I was wrong.  And so, I present to you, seven (7!) more baby blankets.

These two were for two different sets of friends having a baby boy – one dear friend of mine who lives in Alaska and one who lives just about a mile or two from our house! 002 (800x533)

Then I sewed one for another set of friends, who are having a baby boy and moving to New Zealand.  (I think that blanket will officially get the prize for “lives the furthest away from me.”  Previously, this prize was held by my niece’s blanket, living in England.)  I sewed this one and gave it away in the span of about two hours and consequently forgot to take a finished product picture.  But luckily I just found some scraps to show you because aren’t those sheep adorable?  And I LOVE those chevrons!

034 (800x533)

Finally, I made a set of four more blankets, two for two sets of friends who each had (or are expecting) a baby girl and two more for a friend who had a boy and a girl! (And after visiting them, Ellie LOVES talking about twins!)

015 (800x800) The boy blanket is a bigger version of Mark’s boy blanket.

016 (800x533) 017 (800x533)Love that zebra print with the birds!

Finally, in the interest of combating the “I live a perfect blogger life” syndrome, I thought I’d show you a picture of what my table actually looked like the day I took the picture of the two blankets in the first picture.

003 (800x533) (2)not perfect at all!

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2 Responses to March/April Sewing: Seven (that’s right, 7!) Baby Blankets

  1. Mom says:

    Perfection is overrated! Beautiful blankets, Laura. I really like the combinations you come up with!

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