Fishing and Threading: Two New Skills

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Mark has made some pretty impressive strides in fine motor coordination over the past few weeks.  I love watching the intense concentration on his face as he pushes himself past what he can easily do and then accomplishes something new!

First, the fishing puzzle (from our dear friends up in western NY who we don’t get to see nearly often enough):

004 (800x533) 032 (800x534)standing or balanced precariously – what skill!

as narrated by Ellie as she made a drawing for Nik

This set of blocks and laces were Ellie’s present “from Mark” (aka Yiayia) when Ellie met Mark for the first time.  We have a little friend, J, who LOVES to thread them onto the strings.  He’s 2.5 so maybe Mark wants to be like him?

007 (800x533) (2)

The best part of this video?  The absolute silence.  I’ll take total engrossment any day!

Now, if only he would decide to be interested in doing these things when I want him to be (such as when I need to make dinner)!

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3 Responses to Fishing and Threading: Two New Skills

  1. Wow! He is getting so big! Before we know it our boys will be fishing together in Silver Lake when you visit!

    • Laura says:

      Your kids will have to teach our kids how to fish because even though I’m an Alaskan, I have no idea! I never tried to learn so don’t blame that one on my dad. 🙂

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