Finish It Up Friday – Update #7 – The Living Room Blinds (sort of)

I have one sort-of, close enough finish to report today.  I finished our living room Roman shades back in November 2012.  Sadly, I made a pretty fatal design flaw, which resulted in some ugly sun fading.  Plus the adhesive on the Velcro failed and they’ve been basically unusable for almost a year.

Over the last two weeks, I ripped out almost all the work I’d done before, plenty annoyed as I did!  I’ve now fixed the front with a patch, resewn the pleats, reinserted the rods and they’re ready to be hung up.  I don’t have the right kind of glue yet to fix the adhesive but I’m calling these finished for “WIP” purposes because all the sewing is done.  When the project is finally picture-ready, I’ll do a fuller post to actually show my mistake so you can avoid it in the future if you ever make your own Roman shades.

004 (533x800)not really hung up correctly yet – just up there to stay away from little hands!  One consolation – I like them better with that strip patching the sun fading!

The [So Close to Being Done] List of WIPs (as of 3/14/14) – down from 15!

  1. Ellie’s doll hair
  2. dining room Roman shades
  3. hem new corduroy pants
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