Handmade Christmas 2013: A Diaper Bag, Just Ellie’s Size

Ellie is thoroughly absorbed with playing with her doll now, so I thought I would add a doll diaper bag to her doll collection.  Last year, I made her a doll carrier so with the addition of a diaper bag, she’s all set for traveling!  I was inspired by this tutorial but I ended up barely using her instructions, other than her dimensions and the shape of the flaps.

021 (800x533)outer fabric from IKEA – I had way too much fun fussy-cutting around all the different bugs, plants, and other items to feature them on different parts of the bag.

I’ve never done straps like this before (on the outside of the bag) but I just went for it and they turned out great!  This project was really gratifying for me actually because I basically just designed it as I sewed and it came together really easily for me.  It helped me realized how far I’ve come on my “learn how to sew” journey!

023 (800x534)lined with lime green with shots of hot pink

024 (800x533)back of bag, with the butterfly and the beetle on the strap

027 (800x533)all the top-stitching is double lines of hot pink – fun, fun, fun!

025 (800x533)a little inside pocket too! Here’s me keeping it real:  see the terrible stitching at the top, where the flap meets the bag?  That was me, finishing Ellie’s bag in the evening of 12/23, saying, “I really should rip this out but she’s 3, she’ll never know, just leave it.” So I did, but I still have to resist the urge to rip it out and redo it! 🙂

Here’s Ellie with her bag on Christmas morning so you can see its scale:

107 (533x800)

I’m seriously considering sewing myself a new diaper bag with these exact fabrics!  Both Nik’s mom and I are considering stealing it from her, we like it that much! 🙂

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4 Responses to Handmade Christmas 2013: A Diaper Bag, Just Ellie’s Size

  1. Beth says:

    Wonderful bag! Is the fabric still at Ikea?

    • Laura says:

      Thank you Beth! And I hope it’s still at IKEA because I don’t have enough left to make a bag for myself! I just got it in November so it should still be there. I’d better go get some soon though!

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