October Sewing: The Second Baby Blanket Club

I have four friends who all are having (or had) their second baby.  So, I did a bit of an assembly line to welcome those four little babies into the world.

036 (800x533) for Katie and Baby M (the only boy in the bunch)

037 (800x533)for Joanna and baby L

035 (800x533)for Christie and Baby E

034 (800x533) for Jonita and Baby H 

Every baby deserves his or her own blanket, right? 🙂033 (800x533)

And because I never get to share any pictures of who I make these blankets for, here’s a picture of Joanna with Baby L still in utero along with her husband Vic and their older daughter, Z.  We took turns taking pictures of each other at our photo shoot in September.  It turns out that it’s a good thing we took those pictures when we did because baby L surprised us all and came a little early! 🙂


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