This is What Happens When I Don’t Blog About Ellie’s Language Acquisition for Five Months

A couple years ago, I said that I wanted to blog about Ellie’s language acquisition as it happened.  I’m particularly fascinated by this because one of my favorite classes in grad school was about the theories of language learning.  We studied L1 (first-language) acquisition in the hopes of better understanding L2, L3, L4…learning.

And so, over the past few months, I’ve been making mental notes like:

  • Wow, she just added in modifiers.
  • Now she’s using multiple adjectives, in the correct order!
  • She’s figured out the plural rule – add ‘s’.  But she also knows that some words already have ‘s’ on them – like two giraffes.  So she says, ‘giraffes-es.’
  • She’s making the verb conjugation mistakes, just like I studied!
  • Now she’s mimicking every thing I say and not missing even a muttered word under my breath.  So she says, “What’s ‘oh darn’?’ if I get upset.  I’d better watch out!
  • Even when she’s having a temper tantrum, she’s using complete perfect sentences.
  • She just asked me, “Do you realize that, Mama?”
  • She loves to says, “ones” – like, “Look Mama, two ones!”, meaning two of the same thing, like two socks or two toys.
  • She’s using conditionals correctly – i.e. “if you do this, then I’ll do that” kind of sentences.  (I never even figured out how to teach conditionals because that’s a pretty advanced language skill and I never taught that level.)

Ellie’s done the bulk of her language learning in the past eight months.  She really ramped up at around 2 years, four months, which was just about a month after Mark was born.  So my [lack of] chronicling of her language acquisition was the victim of learning how to be a mama of two and how to meet everyone’s needs.

So Ellie, my darling daughter, even if I never wrote down the exact times or days, you should know that I have had SO much fun watching you learn English.  Several times a week, I say to your baba, “I didn’t even teach her that!!!  She just knows how to do it.  It’s amazing!!” 🙂 🙂 🙂

024 (800x533)Ellie, “taking a picture” of me taking a picture of her

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