I Am An Official Exhibitor At The State Fair!

Inspired by my Aunt Zona, I entered something for the State Fair this year!

Although I handed over Maria and Clara’s color books, I kept Violet’s so I could enter it.  Then I promptly forgot to do anything about it until last Sunday when I thankfully remembered and discovered that the entry days were Monday and Tuesday!  Luckily, preregistration is only recommended, not required!

064 (800x800)

So, if you’re going to the Maryland State Fair and happen to go to the Home Arts Building*, make sure to look for “Violet’s Color Book”, in Section N, “Crafts and Decorative Arts,” Subcategory “Dolls and Stuffed Animals”, sub-subcategory N-5, “Toy or game other than doll or stuffed animal, no wood”.  I know, doesn’t make any sense to me either.  🙂

Don’t worry, Violet!  I’ll pick it up on September 3rd and mail it to you so you can finally actually play with it.  Thanks for letting me keep it a little bit longer!

*Obviously you should go to the Home Arts building at the Fair because it’s the coolest one.

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8 Responses to I Am An Official Exhibitor At The State Fair!

  1. Mom says:

    It’s beautiful, Laura! Sure to win something!

  2. Aunt Zona says:

    Oh, good for you! How fun! I’m proud to have inspired you to enter. I only entered a few flowers this year, at Todd’s insistence, since I had two papers to turn in by ten that night. But it was fun to see my stuff on display. Hope you win a blue ribbon!

  3. I was there tonight and saw your first prize blue ribbon, well done!

  4. Jana Liebermann says:

    I should probably enter a basket some year.

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