Port Discovery With Yiayia

Yesterday, Ellie, Mark, and I joined Yiayia for a fun morning at Port Discovery, a children’s museum in downtown Baltimore.

We started in the tots room, for kids under three.  Ellie loved the sand box!

029 (800x545)Then we moved on over to the mountain/forest section in the tots room, where Ellie and Mark rode in a “boat” together. (Excuse the blurriness – fast picture taking while trying to keep Mark from falling over wasn’t the easiest! :))

032 (800x533) 033 (800x534)and there he goes!

Right now, the special exhibit is about the Wizard of Oz.  So first, Ellie climbed through the “scary” cave to be brave like the Lion!

035 (800x533)Then we went into Dorothy’s crazy tilted house.

036 (534x800) 037 (533x800)

Ellie even rode on a cow (in Kansas, I guess).

038 (800x533)

Next, we headed downstairs for a little exercise – this time, hitting the lights before they turned green.  Ellie loved this game and even wanted help to hit the higher rows!

041 (800x534)Finally, we went to the arts and crafts room.  Mark was so excited by this that he took a nap while Ellie made a lollipop with Yiayia’s help.

045 (800x534) 046 (800x534)proud of her lollipop!

All in all, it was a fun first trip to Port Discovery!

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3 Responses to Port Discovery With Yiayia

  1. Mom says:

    What a fun day!

  2. Jana says:

    That light board could be vision therapy!!! I’ve always wanted to go there. I have to find some kids to take!

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