Matchy Matchy for P’s Ballet Birthday Party

Our friend, P, had her 3rd birthday party last Thursday.  Ellie is currently really interested in wearing the same clothes as I do (which has resulted in tantrums when, for example, she does not have a jean skirt to wear just like me).  On this particular occasion, thankfully, we were able to coordinate our outfits for the party.

008 (533x800) Not exactly the same but close enough to please the 2-year old

010 (533x800)Doesn’t she look so grown up with a clip in her hair? 🙂

011 (534x800)

It was a ballet birthday party so there were a lot of little girls dancing in tutus.

013 (800x533) Think Twister meets musical chairs meets a dance party (as interpreted by toddlers).

014 (800x533)E and Ellie preferred to stay out of the craziness! 🙂

Ms. Sharla made a lovely cake for P but she preferred to have her mother blow out the candles for her.  Ms Sharla’s daughter, A, helped as well!

016 (800x534)012 (800x533)The fabulous cake baker!

All in all, it was a lovely time, made all the more fun by the matching outfits!

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