Color Book Tutorial/Sew-Along, Part 5: Adding the solids to the page corners

This is Part Five of my Color Book Tutorial/Sew-Along.  For an introduction to this tutorial plus the finished book and links to all the other parts of this tutorial, see this post.

To finish our pages, the last step is to add the solid quarter-circles to the outside corners.  You should have already prepped your quarter-circles and your pages, using the instructions in this post.

1.  Match your first block with its partner quarter-circle.  At this point, if you’ve never sewn any curves before, you’re going to question my sanity because it will look like this:

041 (640x640)042 (640x640)There’s no way this will work, right? 🙂

Trust me on this one!

2.  Place your quarter-circle on your page, right sides together, just below the curve and pin it at the top edge.

pin here

3. Pull the quarter circle over to the other side, align the corners and straight edges, and pin it in the same place on the other side of the quarter-circle.  This will feel awkward and the fabric will NOT lay flat as you pin it.

pin over there

(Pretend there’s already a pin in the first corner.)

013 (640x640)

4. Beginning at one end, ease the edges of the fabric together until they line up perfectly.  Put in several, closely-spaced pins.  All the fabric won’t lay smoothly until you’ve put in the last pin so don’t despair.  Remember that the fabric will only fit together perfectly at the point where you sew it (where both curves are from 3-inch circles).  So the page will feel a bit bunchy relative to the quarter-circle.  Also important in this step is to be careful not to pull out your seams on the page.  The stitches are not secured in the curve and so you could easily start to pull them apart.  Just be gentle with your page as you’re fitting it to the quarter-circle.

014 (640x640)

5. Once you have the fabric pinned, sew it with a 1/4″ seam allowance.  Be sure to secure your stitching at both ends.  It’s a little tricky when sewing to keep the fabric smooth as you sew.  Sew a few stitches, adjust the fabric underneath and continue.  As you sew, the only place where the fabric will be lined up at the 1/4″ seam allowance mark is directly across from the needle, due to the curve.  So you will constantly need to be moving the fabric through your machine at a curve, rather than a straight line.

015 (640x640)This looks weird but is how your fabric should look when you begin sewing the curve.  Also, note that I have sewn [very slowly] over the pins.  I cannot in good conscience recommend to you that you do this because it’s quite dangerous (due to the danger of flying, broken needles).  However, I do find it much easier to keep the fabric in place if I don’t take out the pins until I’ve sewn past them.  Do so at your own risk!

Repeat this process nine more times!

6. After you’ve sewn the quarter-circle on, you may think you’ve messed up because it still won’t lay smoothly, like this:

046 (640x640)007 (640x640)times ten!

To fix this problem, you need to clip the entire curve, up to but not into the stitching.

006 (640x640)

7. After clipping, press the seam open with a hot iron.  Press the front until it’s smooth.

008 (640x640)

After pressing the seams open, you’ll have ten finished pages!

009 (640x640)

010 (640x640)I’m not sure where the rest of the pages are in this picture! 🙂

Next task: some hand embroidery!

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