May Sewing: One More Baby Blanket

Kelly and Drew are having a baby girl!  Hooray!

When choosing fabric, I like to look at the couple’s baby registry to try to get a feel for the aesthetic of the mom.  Kelly’s registry gave me a cool, calm feeling (lots of white furniture, neutral bedding, etc) so I decided to go with cool, calm colors.  (By “cool”, I mean “cool” colors such as greens and blues as opposed to “warm” colors like reds and oranges, rather than as opposed to “geeky” :)).

032 (640x640)Those whales are still pretty girly, don’t you think?  Look at all the hearts!

I threw in some pink top-stitching to bring out the girlishness a bit.

033 (640x640)my favorite way to finish a blanket, with triple-stitching

Congratulations Kelly and Drew!  We can’t wait to meet your little girl!

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3 Responses to May Sewing: One More Baby Blanket

  1. Kelly says:

    Thanks Laura!!! Can’t wait for Baby Girl to get to enjoy the adorable blanket!! XO

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