And Now, It’s Official – She’s Really Growing Up

For the past two nights, Ellie has slept through the night.  By “STTN”, I don’t mean that she didn’t nurse because she’s been night weaned (off and on, with more and less success), since last summer.  By “STTN”, I mean that not only did she not nurse but she went to sleep at bedtime in her own little bed (next to me) and she woke up in the morning and I realized that I hadn’t had to comfort her or fix her blanket or pull her into bed with me or otherwise help her go back to sleep again through the whole night.  For the first time ever!


In other growing-up news, last night she nursed for bedtime, then needed a snack, then ran back into the bedroom, told Nik that she wanted to be in the bed by herself (i.e. she didn’t want him to cuddle with her and help her go to sleep), and then she went to sleep by herself in about five minutes.  This too was a sleep milestone for us.

She is talking like a fully fluent English speaker.  For example, on Tuesday, after eating an applesauce walnut muffin, she asked for more.  I had some in mini-loaf form so I gave her a slice of that too.  She took a bite, looked at me, and said,

It’s pretty similar to muffin?

It’s pretty similar to muffin?!?!?!?!  Actually, yes, it’s identical, in taste if not in form!  I’ve noticed that “similar” is becoming one of her favorite words.  Clearly she’s not going to get away with pretending to not understand directions anymore! 🙂

Her pretend play is becoming more and more elaborate.  Half the time I don’t even know what she’s asking me to do so I just try to play along as best I can.  On Tuesday, she was feeding her bear in an old booster seat that had been left at our house.  She actually played happily for hours with that thing.  Mean old mama put it in the car for donating yesterday and she was not happy with me!

002 (800x533) 003 (800x533)Bear was hungry and thirsty!

All in all, our little girl is not so little anymore.  We love the new Ellie (tantrums and independence assertion and all) but I can’t help missing the little girl Ellie too.  I suppose I will be like this her whole life – loving the new but missing the old!

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4 Responses to And Now, It’s Official – She’s Really Growing Up

  1. Mom says:

    It’s so much fun to watch our kids grow up! Moving through the different stages of learning. This has always held a fascination for me.

  2. she’s so cute and my grown up girl is an ellie too Actually her name is Eleanor but always gets shortened to ellie. i remember the trials we went through with her trying to night wean. she was still breastfeeding at four yrs old! eventually I resorted to a bit of bribery and said if she went a month without feding i would buy the barbie doll of her choice. it worked thankfully!!! she’s now twenty and a very talented young woman but i real miss having her as a small child. enjoy every minute of your ellie’s childhood as i’m sure you have been told before it goes so quickxx God Bless pippaxx

    • Laura says:

      Our Ellie is actually Eliana! 🙂 Ellie is still nursing through the day at 2 1/2 and still going pretty strong. That’s great your Ellie nursed as long as she did! I can’t imagine having a 20-year old but I’m sure, as you say, it will happen more quickly than I think it will!

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