Giveaway Day 2013!

To everyone coming here from Sew Mama Sew‘s Giveaway Day, welcome!  Thanks for visiting my blog!  I love to sew and keep track of my sewing projects here.  You might also be interested in joining in on my Color Book Sew-Along!

I’m giving away an assortment of Marimekko fabric, which I got from a Crate and Barrel that was moving a few years ago.  They are remnant pieces so the pieces are various sizes.

029 (800x533)

I have a little boy who is four months old.  I’m used to sewing for girls but haven’t done much for boys.  So, to enter the giveaway, please leave me a comment and tell me your favorite book or website about sewing for boys.    And if you don’t sew for little boys, then just tell me your current sewing project.  And if you don’t sew, tell me why you don’t (and still want this fabric)!

The giveaway will close at 8:00 pm EST on Friday, May 10th.  At that time, I’ll pick a winner randomly.    Giveaway is now closed.

Sorry, but I will only be able to ship to a U.S. winner.   Please make sure to leave a valid e-mail address when you comment so I know how to contact you if you win. Friends and family – you’re welcome to enter too!  Good luck and thanks for visiting!

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137 Responses to Giveaway Day 2013!

  1. Pat Upton says:

    I don’t sew for little boys (as I have only had daughters and they haven’t had any children yet themselves). My current sewing project is a yoyo wall hanging or coverlet (depending on the number of yoyos I make! lol!). I love Marimekko, they have been a fav for many years!

  2. Beulah @ Sowing Stitches says:

    It’s been a long time since I sewed for little boys…but in the day, it was more of sewing ‘boy costumes’ cowboy outfits, explorer gear, tents, sails , back packs etc. Don’t know of books or websites ‘for boys’ in mind.

  3. Ann Baur says:

    Hi Laura! I enjoy reading your blog posts…and love your Color-book Sew-Along project…darling project and so fun! (Even more fun just to see your beautiful children and see what you’re up to!)
    What am I sewing? EVERYTHING, as usual. I am designing/making a Settlers of Catan Quilt for my nephew…I am making an apron for my grandson’s 3rd birthday…and a fireweed table runner for a friend in Alaska. Sewing is my favorite thing to do.
    And random drawings are fun to be entered in. 🙂

  4. ouralaskanlife says:

    just want the pinecones. 😉

  5. Beth T. says:

    No garment sewing for boys, but I do a lot of quilting for them. A great book for that is Quilts from the Quiltmakers Gift. The fabrics shown are pretty traditional, but it’s a great jumping off point, and the instructions are excellent.

  6. Beth Bimber says:

    normally i would be sewing – but my sister’s getting married in a month and i’m only about halfway done crocheting her a blanket. so right now everything else is pushed to the side as i attempt to finish this.

  7. I like the book “sewing for boys” by Shelley Figueroa (I think that’s how it’s spelled!). It’s full of cute stuff that boys could actually play in 🙂

  8. harmony says:

    Hey Laura! Check out, if you haven’t already. One of the mamas who runs it recently had a boy and they’ve added a bunch of fun boy clothes tutorials (among other things). 🙂

  9. Mike Pearson says:

    I sew quilts. I just finished a queen size made mostly of scraps 🙂 amateurquilter at gmail

  10. Jane S. says:

    My current obsession is EPP hexagons, so that’s what I’m messing around with right now. 🙂 Love those Marimekko fabrics!

  11. Jocelyn says:

    I am working on a black, white and yellow quilt for a friend whose wife is disabled. Thanks.

  12. redesigned says:

    These Marimekko fabrics are gorgeous! I have various sewing projects from interior to fashion that are constantly in the works. None of them are for little boys because I don’t have any children. Currently I’m working on jazzing up my living room and sunroom and these Marimekko fabrics would be PERFECT for those spaces. My email is Thank you! ~M.

  13. Krystina says:

    Fishsticks and Fries! These are great fabrics, thanks for the chance to win these beautiful Marimekko fabrics.

  14. I love to sew quilts for little boys. 😀 My youngest loves the Steelers quilt I made for him.

  15. Kate says:

    No little boys in my life yet. Maybe in a few years. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  16. Bonnie says:

    Modern Parents Messy Kids, I Heart Organizing, and Teal and Lime always have great ideas for boys!

  17. MarciaW says:

    I have all grandnieces but we have little boys being born into our extended family… I like the quilts from the book Geared for Guys, and Quilt Dad John’s blog is a great place to see quilts for boys and men. We make hunting and fishing themed large lap quilts for the men in our family, which they use in their recliners after a long day of having fun adventures.

  18. Annie K says:

    I see someone has already mentioned “Sewing for Boys,” which is a great book. I also recommend this website, they have the easiest to follow patterns, and super cute designs from infant to big boys: Fishsticks Designs ( )

  19. I don’t sew for boys, but I’m sure a quick Pinterest search could keep you busy for a loooong time.

  20. I love Living with Punks.
    She always does the crafting for boys week– love that!

  21. Debbie H says:

    I don’t sew for boys – I had a girl! Right now I’m obsessed with hexagons. Thanks!

  22. I don’t have young boys to sew for, but I do have young men and my dashing husband. For them I picked up a copy of Geared For Guys by Emily Herrick, and a 2012 issue of Modern Patchwork [greys, yellows in the quilt on cover] for ideas for the manly-men.

  23. knkpdx says:

    Oliver & S. patterns rock – I love their book. Perfect projects for the little ones.

  24. Kat says:

    I don’t know about a website or book, but I much prefer sewing for boys over girls! Maybe we could switch? lol. There are lots of boy quilts under the “finished projects” tab on my blog. Most recently I made this cute little boy baby quilt:

  25. Pat V. says:

    I don’t sew for little boys or little girls, as my “babies” are 26 and 30, unmarried and no kids. I am working on quilts for them, though.

  26. Sarah L. says:

    I am currently working on a wonky log cabin quilt for a friend graduating. He is a boy, does that count? I also just finished a baby boy quilt, but I am no expert on little boys at all!

  27. JillB says:

    You can’t go wrong with the tried and true bug jar quilts for little guys!

  28. Eliz. K says:

    What a fun question! I’m looking up everyone’s responses 🙂

    I just made my own pants pattern for my 23lb 10mo-old with some success (wearable, sure; tweaking needed, definitely.). Because of cloth diapering, pants sizes are so weird. I’ve just started looking into making them. Thanks for asking! I’m learning from all the answers already! 🙂

  29. Karen says:

    My son is now 22, haven’t sewn clothes for him in a long time. I’ve been making zipper pouches and would like to try my hand at sewing baskets. These fabrics would be perfect.

  30. Mary says:

    My favorite boy patterns are from Oliver + S, or’s patterns (easy to customize). Happy sewing and thanks for the giveaway!

  31. Linda says:

    I’ve made pj bottoms for all the guys in the family big and little alike. Thanks for the chance to win.

  32. Lisa Marie says:

    When my son was little I loved making pajamas for him. At that time there were no websites, I just used patterns from the fabric store. My son is grown now and I seldom sew clothes of any sort. Now I sew lots of quilts. The one I’m working on now is going to use monochrome wonky log cabin blocks made from scraps. Haven’t decided exactly how they will be set.

  33. Stephanie A says:

    I like Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy website…very cute stuff on there!

  34. sangeetha says:

    hmm most times I just take clothes that fit my little guy and replicate in fun fabrics – he loves it and i love seeing it on him

  35. Laura says:

    I don’t have any little boys yet to sew for. I’m currently working on a quilt for my best friend’s wedding!

  36. Christine Sherman says:

    All little girls in this family! I’m working on a quilt now, my first circle quilt!

  37. marta says:

    I do quilt mainly wallhanging . Also quilty things , table runners. I didn’t quilt when I have my kids, just knitting . Now I quilt for my family and grandkids( a boy and a girl) . Last project for them were three banners for halowin (a pumpkin, an owl and a skull) thank you for the giveaway…love those fabrics…

  38. vicki says:

    Made by Rae and Made are both great sites for boys items!

  39. Phoebe says:

    I really like Dana Made It and Delia Creates

  40. Kristin O says:

    I love Little Blue Boo hoodie pattern for recycling tshirts for my boys!

  41. Heather says:

    Ottobre is great for boys.

  42. Meghan says:

    I don’t sew for boys (yet) but we have lots of new little boy babies in our group and more on the way so I need to start!

  43. I haven’t sewn for boys yet. I follow Made by Rae and she has cute patterns and tutes.

  44. I like Noodlehead and The Boy Trifecta.

  45. Sherri says:

    I do not sew for little boys, but when my oldest who is now 39 I made him leisure suits to match his dads. Right now I am in to sewing quilts Paper piecing at moment

  46. Christina says:

    Dana at MADE does a Celebrate the Boy series every February. It’s awesome!

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  48. Tegan says:

    The only sewing I have done for little boys is baby quilts, so it is a bit easier. One of my current projects is to finish a couple that were put on hold during grad school.

  49. Sorry I don’t sew clothes. Nice giveaway!

  50. Beth says:

    Ooh, the red on red on red print is fabulous. My sewing for my little boy so far consists of 2 (or was it 3) cotton blankets and roughly 1/3 of the piecing for a charm square quilt. I also have some sweaters to make soakers and other assorted wool items, but haven’t broken through my fear of sewing on knits yet.

  51. Dana says:

    I’ve sewn quilts for boys but didn’t use a pattern, just a lot of jungle animals. My current project is a baby quilt.

  52. Rachel says:

    I don’t do a lot of sewing for my boys. Pants and costumes seem to be about it. I have made them some quilts, though. Pretty fabrics, thanks!

  53. camelamaama says:

    I don’t sew for little boys – but I am making messenger bags for my two high school nephews, with fabrics based on their favorite video games! Such fun. 🙂

  54. Erin says:

    I’ve never made real clothes for boys but I have made fleece hats, stuffed dragons and felt food for boys.

  55. thomasnews says:

    I haven’t made clothes for my son and what I have made is only costumes for him. Plus I am not skilled enough for clothes!

  56. Veiled Purl says:

    Well I never had the chance to sew for boys, but hopefully will in the future. My current sewing project is making myself a fishtail/mullet dress! I’m excited to start, but have not had the time to fully draft a pattern yet.

    ~The Veiled Purl @

  57. Emmers says:

    I’ve sewed lots for my little girl but very little for my boy – one thing he loves is when I sew wild animal patches (like from Echino fabric) onto his shirts!

  58. Pam C says:

    I don’t do much sewing for kids, but I post things on pinterest as do other. I made my unborn grandson a pair of shoes that many have pinned. I look there for ideas.

  59. I don’t often sew for little boys, but I have constructed a few fun items for my nephew. When they start running around they can never have too many superhero capes and pillows to crash on. 🙂

  60. Gale says:

    The only little boy thing I have sewn ever is a Spiderman backpack and my great nephew loved it! I usually sew for my grand daughters so this was fun to do. Love this fabric. 🙂

  61. KeriAnn says:

    I agree, it is hard to find sewing blogs for boys. I tend to google search when I am looking for something special!

  62. Jan says:

    The only thing I have sewn for my boys are quilts. Even know that they are grown and out of the house I still pick up boy material more then Girley stuff.

  63. carriem says:

  64. Julia says:

    I’m working on a birthday quilt for my sister.

  65. Maria White says:

    I have a toddler pink dress on my sewing table, waiting to be assembled 🙂

  66. I know absolutely nothing about little boys. I’m excited to start a spring tote for picnics

  67. Shann says:

    found a few new ones with boy patterns! liking what I see on fishsticks and melly sews sites. mine is 7mos old and I am in a similar boat!

  68. Deb says:

    I only sew quilts….nothing for children. My latest project is our local quilt shop’s Saturday Sampler quilt block.

  69. racergirl1313 says:

    Sorry, I don’t have any sites for sewing for boys. I am working on a quilt for myself and recovering some seat cushions. Thanks for the giveaway! racergirl1313 AT hotmail DOT com

  70. Sorry that I can’t help re sewing for boys… I’m currently moving into a dedicated quilting room and doing some DIY projects!

  71. Natasha says:

    I’m in the same boat as you! I have a 17month old daughter, and am expecting a boy in September. I don’t know how to sew for boys!!! Madness!

  72. T Bosch says:

    sewing for boys

  73. libby hunt says:

    Go To Patterns has some good ones. Thanks for the chance!

  74. sjean423 says:

    I am currently working on pothol;ders, made from blocks I am doing learning paper piecing.

    sthastie (at) gmail

  75. Michelle Frame says:

    I am sorry I have two girls. I usually sew matching dresses for them. Somewhere I have seen a superhero cape tutorial but not sure where.

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  77. I have made pinwheel baby quilts in blue and white for boy. My great grandnephew is interested in trains. My mom lives across the train station and Kable loves the trains and sounds. We are buying in books and puzzles from Thomas the Train series. It’s cute and it keeps him entertained. Thank you for being a part of the SMS giveaway and love the assortment of Marimekko fabric you have chosen for us.

    Sandi Timmons

  78. Ramona M. says:

    You should check out Made by Rae. I know she has a sewing for boys week almost every year. When my boys were young, I made them sweat pants and shirts, dress pants, shorts etc.

  79. Ashley Oh says:

    All I can think of are a couple blogs with some boy tubs: Monkey See Monkey Do, and This Mama Makes Stuff. I need some more inspiration, too!

  80. KT says:

    I have 2 boys, but don’t really sew for them, though I did make a soldier quilt and a really soft pillow that are used daily.

  81. Mary Ann says:

    My little boy is 6 months old and I am in the same boat. I just made the Oliver +S bucket hat for him though. I highly recommend it!

  82. brandi says:

    well i started sewing because i had a boy and boy clothes just aren’t cute, SO i do a lot of applique stuff on onesies (because i’m a very laid back casual type person… no smocking etc) i did ties, skulls, turtles, planes, helicopters etc.

  83. Sarah says:

    You could check out the Geared for Guys quilt book.

  84. Stacy Alfano says:

    I have three girls, so I really don’t know anything about sewing for boys! I do have quite a tote bag obsession though!! Thank you for the giveaway!

  85. Mara Cockman says:

    I’m working on a baby quilt for a boy right now. My first for a boy, it was a lot of fun to pull the fabric and skip the pink 🙂

  86. lynn says:

    i’ve got a 5 year old and i use Sewing for Boys, Growing up Sew Liberated, and when younger, Handmade Beginnings. Made blog has some great tutorials for boys i think.

  87. My only boy is 32 years old! But even back in the day… I found it hard to sew things for a boy, so I am sorry I can’t help you..other than boy themed quilts! Those fab colors are great!

  88. jmniffer says:

    The only thing I have sewn for boys are quilts when they graduate from college. Good luck finding ideas for your son. Than

  89. Jo says:

    Hop over to prudent baby and check it out I have used that site for things for the grands heck I didn’t even have a computer over 30 yrs ago when I was having children

  90. nikitasmith says:

    I am in the same boat as you.. I’ve sewn for my little girl, but can’t seem to think of what or how to sew anything for him. Fish stick designs though has some nice childrens patterns I’ve seen.

  91. Marguerite says:

    Fish Sticks and Made by Rae 🙂 Which I need to look into – my sister just had a boy a week ago today!

  92. Linda in PA says:

    I don’ sew for boys. My son is grown and father of 3 of my 4 granddaughters. I am currently making a scrappy string quilt. Thanks for the giveaway.

  93. Sew quilts for my grandkids

  94. For sewing for boys,, I used Sewing for Children, basic and easy.

  95. Kathy says:

    I loved sewing quilts for my sons. I made a Noah’s Ark quilt from Margaret Rolfe’s book for my oldest, and now that he’s in college I’ve made him a mitered square quilt out of striped shirtings. My second son had a picture quilt with cars and trains and helicopters, patterns from various sources. It’s still on his bed and he’s 16!

  96. Ottobre Design has a lot of great boy stuff.

  97. Patricia L. says:

    I used to make shorts for my boys when they were young. Now they get quilts.

  98. beckyrab says:

    I sewed lots of pj bottoms for my sons and nephews. Now, they are all in college so I sew quilts for them. I used lots of Simplicity and Butterwick patterns. I would purchase them when they were on sale (really cheap) I had all sizes in the same pattern. Boys like pillow cases, too 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  99. Georgia says:

    Dana Made It has some good boy tutorials, she sometimes does a month of just boy stuff! And Big Little Felt Universe has some really cute felt toys for boys. 🙂
    peachstateme (at) hotmail (dot) com

  100. Mary says:

    I love sewing for little boys, but I tend to get my patterns from the pattern books- Butterick, Mccalls, Simplicity or Vogue.

  101. I love the patterns from fishsticks designs. Great for both boys and girls alike. I also like the book Sewing for Boys

    detroitgirl77 AT gmail DOT com

  102. majorasue says:

    When my oldest (boy) was little, there wasn’t such a thing as the internet. But I loved taking him with me to the fabric store and letting him pick out the fabrics that I would sew for him. And when he was old enough (5 if I remember right), I taught him to sew and he made himself a pair of shorts that he entered in the county fair and won a ribbon with. Sweet memories!


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  104. Debra Lee says:

    I’m making dolls right now but there can always be a boy version!

  105. Sandy says:

    The only things I’ve sewn for boys are burp cloths and blankets!

  106. catskillquilter says:

    I do not know of a good website, but how about stuffed creatures for your little guy? Instead of using a pattern, draw a whimsical shape with a face, and give it a go!

  107. Tanya says:

    I have only done quilts for little boys. Thanks for chance to win.

  108. Mandi says:

    Stuffies, a book

  109. I have no info on boys. Sorry. Thank you for doing a giveaway.

  110. Jill says:

    I’m working on a chevron quilt for my baby boy right now 🙂

  111. Sue says:

    It is hard to find neat patterns for little boys…as well as finding fun fabric for them also. I recently made my grandson round storage bins to keep all of his little toys in. Found great dinosaur and space ship fabric! He loves them.

  112. Madeleine says:

    Celebrate the Boy on MADE.

  113. Susan says:

    I love Sewing For Boys.
    mcintoshsusan@hotmail dot com

  114. cnuland says:

    I don’t sew for boys (I only have a little girl), but I think often has fun ideas for boys

  115. Sarah says:

    Oh my gosh! So I guess I would say that pretty much any pattern could probably be skewed to a little boy color scheme? I’m pretty obsessed with anything Material Obsession — the second book has some particularly great designs that with the right fabrics could go either way!

  116. Mom C says:

    I just got some good old McCalls and Simplicity patterns and went to town. I have 4 boys and once I learned stretch knits and shorts I was set. Thanks.

  117. Kelli says:

    I never sewed for my boy as much as my daughter, but I have found that he liked things better than clothes obviously. I made him a stuffed rocket one Christmas and he loved that. I also made him a car garage and pillows for his bed and they were all big hits.

  118. Brittney G. says:

    I don’t have any boys to sew for! But I am currently finishing up (binding!) a throw quilt that will be a wedding present for my best friend from high school 🙂

  119. Susan M says:

    We only have boys and it is really hard to find patterns for them. I thought I had bookmarked a site that I found through this giveaway, go figure, but now I cannot find it. But with only a 500 entries it should be easy to find, right?? I will keep looking. Thank you

  120. Nancy says:

    No boys here….but elastic waist pants are unisex for little ones.

  121. Nancy says:

    I make scrap quilts and small bags….

  122. Vicki H says:

    I have 5 grandsons all under 6 years of age. I don’t sew clothes so I am sorry I can’t help. Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  123. gibbspeggy says:

    I don’t sew for boys (used to when mine were younger), but now I am sewing quilt tops for my group, World of Charity Stitching.

  124. Diann Cornell says:

    I haven’t sewn for boys since mine were little, quite a few years ago. Now I’m making curtains.

  125. Rebeckah says:

    Oh gosh, I would not even know where to start! There are 5 girls in my family and only 2 progers that I know. and one is a girl!

  126. karriesmith says:

    There is a Kawaii book at Barnes and Noble that has cute stuff in it. Kawaii means “cute’ is Japanese or something similar to that. It has change purses, costumes (although they are for girls you can incorporate it to boys) and a cute sushi quilt at the end. other than that sort of thing, i dont have any ideas besides what girls like but with diff fabrics

  127. Judy Hudgins says:

    no boys in my life, so sorry can’t help.

  128. BreannaS says:

    I have not sewn for a little boy in a long time. I loved sewmamasew’s gift ideas for boys when they did their christmas roundups.

  129. emme says:

    growing up handmade


  130. Nancy M says:

    I’m making a bubble quilt for my granddaughter

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