March Sewing: Look Mom! I Made A Skirt!

A couple weeks ago, I ordered some cotton voile to make a skirt.  Voile is a special fabric best suited for apparel.  It’s normally quite expensive but I got it for almost 70% off and I was pretty excited to try sewing with it.  My plan was to make myself a skirt with it for Easter.  After I got it, I realized that I was too scared to cut into it and that I needed to make a practice skirt first.  Then I realized that I would be doing really well to get one skirt done by Easter and definitely wouldn’t get two sewn.  So my practice skirt became my Easter skirt!

I started Friday night by drafting my pattern (using this book as my guide to making a basic drawstring A-line skirt).  Saturday afternoon and evening, I cut out, sewed, fitted, and finished my skirt.  Sunday morning, I wore it for Easter!  Awesome!

231 (533x800)Visitors to our house may notice that my skirt is the same fabric as our diaper pail bags!

All told, I only spent about 2 1/2 hours on the skirt.  It would have probably been under 2 hours except that my initial pattern was too big and so I had to spend a few minutes cutting down the skirt so that it would fit me.

Sewing clothes is something that I aspire to, particularly after recently reading Overdressed (highly recommended).  A simple skirt was a good start.  I want to make a fitted waist skirt next.  When that will happen is anyone’s guess but at least I’ve begun!

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8 Responses to March Sewing: Look Mom! I Made A Skirt!

  1. Mom says:

    Beautiful, and a great start!

  2. Nicole says:

    Great job Laura! I’ve really had the desire to start making my own clothes. In particular making a ton of ankle length knit skirts. They are so comfy , look great, versatile, and I think they’d be pretty straight forward to make. Have you heard of Craftsy? I bought one of their video classes when it was on sale (I think half or 75% off) and it shows you how to make 5 different clothing items with knits. Anyway, I think your skirt is amazing and amazed you’ve done so much after having Mark!

    • Laura says:

      Thanks Nicole! Yes, sewing with knits is definitely something I aspire too as well – because then you can make all kinds of clothes! Let me know if that Craftsy class is good. I’ve just signed up for a couple of their free classes and checked them out but I haven’t gone all the way through either of them.

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