Thanks to a friend of ours, we recently got a fun book about “Winter Friends“.  Because of that book, the other day Ellie was drawing chickadees, which she calls “Chickadee-dee”, because I told her that’s what they say (plus another “dee”).  Anyway, isn’t this an impressive little bird?

008 (800x533)

And don’t you just love the added touch of a little slobber? 🙂

009 (800x534)

While we’re at it, here’s more art, which I’m showing you as much for the silly faces as for the art itself.  I think one of them is a “feesh” although I don’t remember which one.

010 (800x577) 012 (800x533)

And finally, just so you all have to endure the crazy colors like I did the other day, here’s her whole outfit (chosen by her, obviously [I hope])- electric blue pants, red and black dress, neon green with pink polka dots shirt underneath.  This is when I start chanting, “Pick your battles, pick your battles,” and then tell myself, “At least she’s clothed.”

011 (800x533)

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2 Responses to Chickadee-dee

  1. Mom says:

    Impressive chicka-dee!

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