I Still Haven’t Done Any Dishes

[I did promise I’d report back on this one.]

All the credit for the clean kitchen goes to Nik, my awesome husband.

My lack of doing dishes can be directly attributed to this guy:

068 (800x800)

and to the fact that he’s already gained two pounds (11 pounds, 6 ounces at his 3-week appointment on Monday!).

And just how has he managed to gain two pounds in 3 weeks?
Nursing, lots of nursing, all the time.

Hence, no dishes.  We’ll let that be a to-do list item for another week.

I’m just trying to learn how to be enough for two.  We’ll worry about the rest later.

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2 Responses to I Still Haven’t Done Any Dishes

  1. Mom says:

    He definitely looks well fed!

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