A Little Photo Shoot for Ellie’s Cousin Alex (the one in Alaska)

Ellie’s five-year-old cousin, Alex (the one in Alaska who’s a girl as opposed to the one in Virginia who’s a boy) gave Ellie this little skirt when we were there in April.  It had been her favorite skirt that she had worn for a long time and she wanted Ellie to have it.

When she handed it to me, I noticed that it was size 12-months and as I opened my mouth to say something, my sister-in-law, Katie stopped me and said that Alex was still wearing it and that it would probably fit Ellie too.

It turns out that when you’re two and don’t wear diapers, your thighs and bottom are much smaller than when you’re 12 months and now the skirt fits.  Thanks Cousin Alex!

Entire outfit: styled by Ellie

“Hi!  I’m two and this is the best smile you’re going to get.”

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