October Sewing: Ellie’s doll bedding

Grandpa bought Ellie a wonderful doll bed for her birthday and so I decided to make a little bit of bedding to go with it.  (My dad bought the bed from this shop, which is based in Maine, and we’re so happy with it.  It’s unfinished solid wood and really sturdy, which is great because Ellie likes to sit on it.)

I made a “mattress” stuffed with scraps of cotton batting with “sheets” from an old vintage sheet that I had.

I made a pillow, pillow case, and quilt from flannel scraps that I already had.  This was the first log cabin block I’d made and it was a really easy and satisfying quilting project! the back of the quilt

Ellie was quite interested in this photo shoot so here she is helping me out!

To Ellie, her baby isn’t sleeping unless the blankets are competely covering the doll’s face.  So yes, there is a doll under there, you just can’t see it.

Hooray for sleeping babies!

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3 Responses to October Sewing: Ellie’s doll bedding

  1. Mom says:

    The bed and the bedding are beautiful! The dolls face is really sweet, Laura. Nice work on that!

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