Here We Go Again

Last August, it was Hurricane Irene.  This time, it’s Hurricane Sandy, which is likely to combine with a winter storm coming from the west and create a “Frankenstorm” that has the potential to be really terrible.  There are states of emergency already declared in Maryland and many other states.

So as with last time, we’re checking the gutters, putting everything away outside, putting extra water in our freezers to make ice before Monday, feeling grateful for all the food we have put away in the house, and mentally preparing ourselves to be out of power for some time.    We’ll fill the bathtub Sunday night, get a lot of drinking water set aside, and plan what to eat first out of the refrigerator.  Generally, we’re trying to “batten down the hatches” and be as prepared as much as we can be.

And what my friend Julie said last fall is true again this time:  we’ll be glad if this is all for naught.  But if not, we’ll be glad we’ve done it all.

Thanks for your prayers.

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