September Sewing: Ellie’s Doll

Ellie’s doll may still be bald but she is finished!

I also managed to make a pair of overalls and a shirt in time for her birthday.  (The pattern for these comes with the doll.) They were so easy that I want to make a whole wardrobe!

Within probably just a minute of opening her doll,

Ellie’s was saying, “Off!” and so her doll’s clothes came off.

She has taking them off mastered.  Putting them back on is a bit harder.  (Usually I have to help her do it.)


This is how I found her doll on the first official night as Ellie’s doll, after Ellie was asleep.

Naked and abandoned by the vacuum cleaner.  Such is the life of every doll right?

One thing I was a bit disappointed about with the pattern is the way the arms stick straight out.  It looks a bit unnatural.  I have observed Ellie playing with her doll a lot though, by using those arms to hold her up.  So maybe there is some wisdom in the design.

Totally blurry but you get the idea – jumping and holding on at the same time!

Making the ball of wool for the head truly was the most tedious part of this whole making process!  Now that I’ve made one doll, I definitely want to make more!  And, even though the pattern told me to buy 24 ounces of wool stuffing, I only used 6-7 ounces.  So I have enough to make many more dolls!

Now I just need to learn how to dye wool yarn so I can turn the cream-colored yarn that I bought into the right color for the doll’s hair.  (Pale yellow 100% wool yarn is hard to find.)

In the meantime, Ellie has decided that she has a baby and not a doll.  The other day, I said something about her “doll” and Ellie said, “No, baby.”  I stand corrected!


Previous posts about the doll:  The wool ball, the head, and the body.

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16 Responses to September Sewing: Ellie’s Doll

  1. Zona says:

    That’s a sweet dollie! I love her face – very good job, mom! I wonder if the arms would bend forward if you put a seam up and down at the shoulder. I saw an old leather doll once, and the shoulder area was vertically flat for a width of about a half an inch, which allowed the arms to move backwards and forwards. I look forward to more posts about the dollie, as she grows hair and gets other friends too! Does she have a name yet?

    • Laura says:

      Thanks Zona! I was thinking that same thing – about how to somehow hinge the arms a bit. I think I’ll experiment on the next doll. And I think her name is just going to be “Baby” – at least for now!

  2. beth says:

    Did the pattern come with a diaper pattern? We have some great pics of my 2-year old niece insisting that her babydoll wear her cloth diapers so she wouldnt make a mess. They came up past the dolls arms. Shortly thereafter grammy was tasked with making a couple wee diapers.

    • Laura says:

      It didn’t come with a diaper pattern but I’ve been thinking that I need to make the doll a few diapers, particularly for when our new baby arrives and Ellie sees diapering happening to another baby. Good idea!

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