A Letter to Our New Baby

Dear Baby B2,

We are so glad that you’ll be joining our family in just three short months (give or take a couple weeks on either side).  We’re hoping you’ll decide to join us in 2012, for the tax-write-off bonus, but we know you’ll come when it’s time for you to come.

We love you so much already.  Ellie proudly talks about you and lists you in our family, “Mama, Baba, Ellie, BABY!!!!”

I do have to confess today though that I waver between two competing feelings about you these days.  Half the time, I just forget about you.  You’re going to have a great big sister and Ellie loves you already.  But wow, she does ask for a lot of attention.  And this week, as I’ve been cleaning pee off the floor and changing big girl panties, I’ve been asking, “Whose idea was it anyway to do potty training when I was six months pregnant?”  I know I’ll be grateful for this though when I’m changing your diapers and not Ellie’s.  You’re so nice and accommodating and hardly ever move unless I’m sitting still and paying attention to you.  And well, that doesn’t happen very often with Ellie around.  So don’t feel bad.  I promise to pay more attention to you once you get here!

The other half of the time, I have this feeling of impending doom that you’re coming too soon.  How is it possible that I”m in my third trimester?!?!  I haven’t even accomplished half of my “before B2 comes list”, those living room shades are never going to get done, and it seems like I will never get anything done again after you get here.  I know that’s not true but now, looking at it from this side, it feels that way.  So really, don’t believe me when I’m worrying to Baba about it, OK?

We really do want you to come.  Just make the next three months move really slowly, OK?

Your mama

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