Our Tomatoes May Be a Big FAIL This Year…

…but thankfully our neighbors planted way too many cherry tomatoes and we’re allowed to pick them whenever we want!

So thanks Tim and Brenda for rescuing our tomato-less summer!

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3 Responses to Our Tomatoes May Be a Big FAIL This Year…

  1. Mom says:

    Ellie looks so downcast in the first picture, I thought she was sad that she couldn’t find any more on your plants! Any idea what caused yours to fail?

    • Laura says:

      It’s a perfect storm of factors, Mom – we planted about a month late with seedlings that we’d started ourselves. They were still pretty little and I think some of them got burned by the sun. A couple more got eaten up by bugs. One somehow just got snapped off. So we bought two big plants, and they and at least one more got the blight that’s covering the East Coast right now. Then we went on vacation for a month and although our neighbors did a fine job of watering our garden for us, if we’d been home we probably would have pulled the plants much sooner and put in new ones. When we got home, I transplanted a few strong volunteer plants that had come up from our compost that we put around our zucchini plants. Those seem like they might actually produce some tomatoes soon so maybe we’ll get a few. But basically, it’s been a bust of a tomato summer for us sadly!

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