My Sabbath Quandary

Nik and I try to honor the Sabbath by resting as best we can.  We take the day off from using the Internet (and our computer).  We also try to get all our necessary work done on Saturday so that on Sunday we can just rest and relax.  We don’t always succeed in this but we do try.  More often than not, after we come home from church, Ellie takes a nap and Nik plays tennis with someone.

I love to sew – it’s resting and relaxing for me.  I also love listening to NPR and particularly love the shows on Sunday (like Prairie Home Companion and The Splendid Table).  Sewing while listening to the radio is the perfect activity for this introvert to do during that free time on Sunday.

There’s one problem.  Sewing is also work for me.  I always (always!) have a very long list of projects that I need to get accomplished.  I continually feel the pressure to get that sewing done.  This is not restful or relaxing.

So what to do?  How to solve this quandary?

My solution has been to choose a project to sew on Sundays that is fun and doesn’t actually have to get finished.  In my case, I decided to start sewing a Christmas tree skirt.  I’ve wanted to make one for a long time but never remember to work on it until December, when I have far too much other sewing to do.  I feel no pressure to get it done though (because we’ve survived without one for five years!) so I’m just having fun slowly making my way through it.  I’m making this tree skirt and so far I’ve finished all three tree blocks.

If it’s done by Christmas, great.  If not, it will most likely be done for Christmas 2013.

So that’s how I’ve solved my Sabbath quandary.  I’m not sure that it’s a perfect solution but it’s working for me for right now.  How about you?  How do you think through how to spend the Sabbath?

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3 Responses to My Sabbath Quandary

  1. Jana Liebermann says:

    You’re an amazing woman! I admire your intentionality about honoring the Sabbath. I confess that I too often use Sunday to catch up on what needs to be done before the work week begins. It is a little different pace than other days, and church is almost non-negotiable, but it is much too busy of a day!

    We’ve taken the month off of watching television for August. No TV in August. It is really different! I feel a little bad that we missed the Olympics, but we decided to take the TV challenge before we realized the Olympics were on, so we missed them. I can say that I haven’t missed much anything else on TV though.

    Sounds like you are doing a good thing by choosing a fun sewing project to work on! Go for it!

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