May Sewing: Heather’s Quilt!

Heather and Ryan had a baby boy about three weeks ago and in May, our Sewing Club made a quilt to celebrate Quinn, even though we didn’t know his name at the time!  This was the fifth and final Sewing Club quilt.  (I’ve linked to the other four below.)  As always, we had fun working together on this one.  I found the design (in this book) and we all contributed in one way or another to choosing the fabric.

Anne, Steph, and Betsy sewed the nine blocks and I added a bunch of sashing (in dark gray and light blue) to turn them into a quilt top.  Anne made the quilt back (which I sadly forgot to take a picture of) and then I quilted it with a bunch of random lines.  This was actually much harder than it looks.  It’s really hard to make a lot of lines and not have any one line parallel to any other line!*

Can you find the three blocks that are different from all the rest?**

Betsy did an amazing job of adding the binding (even while being very pregnant) and hurray!  A quilt for Heather!


*My method?  I used a long piece of painter’s tape to place the line then used the tape as my guide to sew along.  Then I put the quilt back on the floor, rearranged the tape, and sewed.  Repeat, repeat, repeat until the quilt is to your liking (and you don’t have any opening that’s too big for your batting)!

**The three different blocks are the middle block of the middle row (12 triangles instead of 9), the bottom left block (triangles going the opposite way), and the bottom right block (12 triangles instead of 9).


Here are the other Sewing Club quilts (in chronological order):

  1. The quilt that Anne and Heather made for Ellie and me.
  2. The quilt that Anne, Betsy, Heather, and I made for Steph and Alma.
  3. The quilt that Betsy, Heather, Steph, and I made for Anne and Margot.
  4. The quilt that Anne, Heather, Steph,  and I made for Betsy and Lucy.


And yes, in case you’re wondering, Heather’s quilt is all I managed to sew in May and I just barely managed to do it, at that.  That’s what first trimester does to me!

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6 Responses to May Sewing: Heather’s Quilt!

  1. Mom says:

    What great memories you and your friends have made together! They will last longer than the quilts will!

  2. Nicole says:

    Beautiful quilts! I really like how the gray! Neat idea. I’ve really been digging gray lately because of it’s versatility!

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