When Having the Right Tools Makes All the Difference

A couple months ago, I wrote about how having a new rotary cutter and sharp blade had transformed my sewing experience.

This morning, Ellie and I watched a State Highways crew use their big machine to turn all the branches that were obscuring our sidewalk into mulch.  There were four men working and it took them less than half an hour to do a job that we had been dreading.  We thought we were responsible for cleaning up those branches.  We figured we’d have to borrow a friend’s truck, load it up (maybe two loads), and drive it to the dump.  A job that would have taken us hours took them just a few minutes.  Honestly, I wanted to go down and kiss those men and give them cookies and tell them they were angels.  I settled for just telling them, “THANK YOU!!!”

We have high quality pots, pans, and knives and I know I’m a better cook because of them.  My cooking skills have improved greatly in the past five years, partly because I just cook so much more now but also because I have the right tools to use to allow me to accomplish my cooking tasks well.

When you have the right tools, a task suddenly becomes much easier.  Amazing how that works!

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