Ready or Not, Here it Comes

I’m never quite ready for the food preserving season to start again but spring comes relentlessly, ready or not!  Strawberry season is here and last Friday, Nik took a day off from work so that we could go strawberry picking!

It was  beautifully easy picking and we managed to enough for make 11 jars of jam as well as four quarts of frozen berries (and lots to eat too).

Ellie ADORES strawberries so she was happy to help us out by eating them so we didn’t have to cut them up!

in varying stages of readiness

waiting for pureeing

our year’s supply of jam!*

The second farm we went to had two wooden trains, just perfect for kids.  Ellie particularly had fun crawling through the oil tanker.  She just didn’t like getting off at the other end!

And, as you can see from the stains on her sweatshirt, she definitely helped herself in the fields!

Thankfully, there’s not much to do until July so I get a couple more months of rest before food preserving begins in earnest!

*For curious minds out there, we use Pomona pectin, which is fabulous because you can use as much sugar (or as little) as you want.  So for this batch, I used a ratio of 8 cups of strawberry puree to 3 cups of sugar. Even that was a little on the sweet side so I think next year, I’ll probably cut that back to an 8:2 (4:1) ratio.  Compare that to the typical 7 cups of sugar to five cups of fruit ratio of standard pectin and you’ll see why we LOVE Pomona pectin!

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9 Responses to Ready or Not, Here it Comes

  1. Ash Francis says:

    What farm do you guys go to?

    • Laura says:

      This time we went to Brad’s and Lohr’s, which are right next to each other up in Harford County. We’ll probably go to Huber’s next week to get a few more for eating and the freezer. I think I like Lohr’s the best.

  2. Rosella says:

    Hey Laura- Can you send me the info on Brad and Lohr’s farm as well as Huber’s? I need to make more strawberry jam myself.



  3. Rosella says:

    Also, just noticed your comment on Pomona pectin. Where did you buy yours? May consider using it if you are able to cut back on the sugar. 🙂

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