Learning Lessons, Again

The past few days and nights have been pretty tough.  Ellie was really sick, starting last Friday, with a high fever Saturday into Sunday and she really didn’t start feeling better until yesterday.  She also has entered the

“I’m easily upset by anything and so I scream a lot if I don’t get my own way or can’t do something and I especially scream and sob if you don’t pay attention to me ALL THE TIME”

stage of life and so combine that with fever and sickness, and I haven’t been doing much else besides mothering.  She’s been wanting to nurse for 20-30 minutes at a time and about every two hours (at least).  So basically, we’re back to newborn nursing.  (On the positive side, I’ve done A LOT of reading!)

Thankfully, today, Ellie seems to be back to feeling better although she still took an extra nap this morning.  I think she must be having a growth spurt or something also because wow, she wants to sleep way more than she has in the past few months.

Anyway, back to getting nothing else done.  The past few months have been really good ones for me.  I’ve felt like I have the whole “run the household” gig down pat and I now realize that I’d become a bit prideful in that fact.  Of course, I get all my housekeeping done on time,why wouldn’t I?  I’m home all week.  It’s easy people – you just choose a day to do it and when it’s time to clean, you clean.   And on another day you bake.  And then you have fun play dates with your friends and their kids.  Easy cheesy!

Well, that’s all fine and dandy when your baby (or your work schedule or your life) is willing to let you do what you want to do.  But when life gets tough, guess what?  The house falls apart, you don’t want people to come over, the floors are disgusting, don’t even look in the bathroom, and life isn’t so easy.

Today, I was able to do some cleaning and I feel a little more under control again.  (Although, still don’t bother looking in the bathroom, let’s hope for that for tomorrow.)  It’s a hard balance to find – between obsessing over a clean house and maintaining a beautiful, peaceful environment for you and your family.  I feel calmer now that I’m walking around.  Piles aren’t threatening to fall over, I’m not grossed out by Ellie playing on the floor, and I can actually find a place to sit down at the dinner table.

But, remind me if I start to make things sound like everything is easy and perfect around here, OK?  Because sure, I might have things figured out when everything is going perfectly and to my plan but that doesn’t mean that everything won’t change tomorrow.

The Lord needed to shake me up a little bit, I think.  Duly shaken, duly noted.

She sure is cute when she’s happy! 🙂

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3 Responses to Learning Lessons, Again

  1. Mom says:

    I love your teachable spirit, Laura!

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