Spring Break 2012, Mini-Adventure #2

Spring Break 2012’s Mini-Adventure #2 was a trip to the Union Mills Homestead last Thursday.  It’s about an hour’s drive from Baltimore.  Our stated purpose for the trip was to pick up over 200 pounds of flour, for ourselves and 4 other families.  In this, we were successful!

80 pounds of that flour is for us!

Union Mills has been in continual operation since the late 1700s.  We had the fun of getting to watch some of the flour being milled.

Ellie and me with Ivan, the miller

Here’s a quick video of the gears in action.

The water wheel itself is also large and impressive.

The wheel from inside

and outside.

Ivan, the miller, also very kindly gave us a tour of the Shriver Homestead (yes, the famous Shrivers).  I was most fascinated by the many quilts in the house.  He particularly wanted to show us the kitchen, guessing (quite rightly) that we are interested in cooking.  There was an amazing array of household gadgets.

Does anyone have a guess as to what this might be used for?  Ivan hasn’t been able to figure it out!

Here’s the outside of the mill:

After our wonderful hour at the mill, we went to the Bear Branch Nature Center, just three miles away, to check out the wildlife.  We loved the turtles!

Ellie’s favorite, predictably, was the wooden squirrel in the window.

I loved the display of  Maryland butterflies.

But most of all, Nik and I enjoyed the homemade ice cream from Hoffman’s on the way home!  Too bad Ellie fell asleep before we got there! 🙂

No, Nik didn’t have two – he was just holding mine for the picture!

All in all, it was a wonderful adventurous day!

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5 Responses to Spring Break 2012, Mini-Adventure #2

  1. Katie says:

    That’s awesome…how much do they charge for the flour? What kind do they have?

    • Laura says:

      Katie – it’s $10 for 10 pounds if you buy it in the 10-pound bag. It’s slightly more for smaller amounts. They have whole wheat, corn meal, roasted cornmeal (which is amazingly delicious), buckwheat, and rye (and sometimes rice flour too).

  2. Indeeds says:

    What a fun outing! Looks like a really cool place. And of course, yay for awesome ice cream stops!

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